Jennifer Prevost - Beware - Don't rent 810 Yarmouth Ct. San Diego, Ca- We were scammed!

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My husband and I rented a vacation rental off of Craigslist. We rented from Jennifer Prevost and she said the apartment was clean and nice.

My husband and I drove 7 hours from Arizona to get there and when we arrived we were appalled at what we saw. Trash everywhere, and the "view" that she told us about was the back of a hotel that had huge cargo crates, with junk and trash everywhere. The stairs going up were cracked and the railing was broke and there was a big drop off of the steps, this is very dangerous. The stairs are not up to code.

When we got inside the apartment, the owner left the keys under the mat we were even more disgusted. The whole place was filled with dirt like it hadn't been cleaned in months. I even saw roaches.

When I called the owner Jennifer Prevost she insisted she had just been in there that morning and it was very clean but that she might of tracked in a little dirt in the kitchen. I tried to get her to go over there to talk with us but she had an attitude and said she had no idea when she would be there.

Well we took video and pictures of the place and then ended up staying with friends. My husband called her that evening to let her know we would not be taking the place because it was not safe or healthy to stay there and she insisted again that the place was clean and safe until my husband told her that he had video and pictures. That's when she said she would get a cleaning crew in there to rectify the situation.

Now she claims she offered us a hotel and that we should of given her a chance to rectify the situation, she says she will not give us our deposit back of $1800.00 because this is what a 3 star place is like. In her lease it says that if she doesn't rectify the situation and make the place available to us within 10 days then the lease is void and the tenants get their deposits back.

She is now offering us $350 back and then she would keep the rest for rent. This woman is disgusting she has been a nightmare for us. Do not rent this place on 810 Yarmouth Ct. in San Diego , Ca!!!

It is listed on a few vacation websites so beware!! The place is a dump and this owner will scam you!!

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We still have not received our $1,800.00 Deposit back. Jennifer Prevost Gonzales and Danielle Gonzales are scam artists and rip offs.

Do not rent from these people. The place is unsafe and it's dirty.

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